Thursday, May 7, 2009

Joel Osteen? Isn't He The Sweetest Thing?

Just passing on an article by Michael Horton about Joel Osteen and the prosperity gospel . If I were to summarize the article in one sentence, I think it would be:

Joel Osteen = An example of prosperity gospel gone mainstream

But you don't have to believe me. Check out the article and check your Bibles. Remember that book that Osteen waves about at the start of every service? Yup, thats the Bible.

PS: For more info, watch this Video about the prosperity pseudo-gospel. By the way, let me say again that the prosperity gospel is NOT the gospel.

PPS: After a comment seemed to still not make clear the heresy of the prosperity gospel, here is a short video explaining Joel Osteen's error.

UPDATE: CNN has done a post on Osteen's view of money. He even revises Jesus' view on money!


carol said...

Praise God! i am so greatful to God for his servant Joel he has been a blessing to my life and my family through this book 'become a better you'i love it.Its a book that i recommend all to read becouse after reading it my life is never the same.Now i can see my destiny and my dream is coming to pass.I am going somewhere.

Stéphane K said...

Thanks Carol for your post. It takes either remarkable courage to post something like you did after reading my blog post.

But somehow I suspect you didn't really read it. If you do stick around, I would sincerely like to know what has changed in your life. Also, explain what you mean by "my destiny and my dream is coming to pass." I don't see a meaning.