Friday, December 12, 2008

An Example of a Day's Work in the Publishing World

I love my job. I've been meaning to post these photos weeks ago, but am only doing so now. In November, the small evangelical population of France gathers together for three days of conferences and fellowship. We each set up tables where we present our work (in my case, BLF Europe's book publishing) and have a great time connecting and reconnecting.
It was very exciting for me as I hadn't ever been involved in a professional way. On top of which we had a killer product, Manga Messiah in French! So talk talk talk all day for three days. At the end the whole team was haggard, but so happy with the turnout.
Sorry for the very selfish photos. Yes there are others presenting their work, but really, have you ever seen anything as beautiful as BLF Europe? OK, you're right, Messiah beats it by far... Oh wait! We have that too!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All means are good to save some, that includes Manga-Messiah

Most of my French friends have grown accustomed if not annoyed with my enthusiasm for Manga - Messiah. Manga - Le Messie, is the french name of gospel in manga comics that BLF Europe has just completed. A japanese team of Christians are drawing the entire Bible in manga style. We simply did the French translation and some of the cover graphics. It is a tremendous gospel tool.
We must give credit to God for all of this. The project just fell in our lap and we took it up and went with up. We didn't have finances for the first print, but that was provided and Manga - Le Messie has been on the shelves since November 15th. In those short weeks, more than 3,000 copies have been sold and its only the beginning. I've been praying nearly everyday for all those that will be reading the book in the coming weeks. I have rarely seen such beautiful drawings and it presents the gospel with gorgeous simplicity. May God reveal Himself to many this Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Education for All? Why the Lost Try to Act Saved

This is a post that I'll have to permanently erase before I can ever run for president. I suppose that many of you reading this will also take a view contrary to the opinion expressed here. That's fine, one day you'll see the light. :-)
What is so important about the education of the poor? Why is there constantly a barrage of foundations and charities promoting education for all? On what grounds have the philanthropists of the developed world decided that Education should be the Golden Path?
What is so important about educating the poor in countries that have no education system for all? Indeed we tend to think that educating a nation will provide them with employment and rid them of poverty. Often, we only obtain the mild achievement of making poor uneducated
people become educated poor people.
Please don't misunderstand me. I believe in the need for education and will encourage it in the manners that seem most reasonable. I am forever thankful and indebted to my parents who provided me with a priceless education. Reading is perhaps the most important skill they
taught me (though critical thought is the cornerstone of all good education).
Years ago, when the only relief workers were missionaries the promotion of education made sense. Ideally, the mission would try to do two things: 1. translate the Bible into the local language and 2. teach the population to read so they could read the Bible for themselves. That was education at its core.
Now I have grown up an a completely secular society that has secularized itself to extreme proportions (so extreme that few people can understand us). It is therefore difficult for me to filter through values and ideals to pick out the biblical ones. What I do know is that my mind is left perplexed when I hear the media of my day call out for mass education. I cannot see France's educational system holding out another 15 years and I would have many opinions to
vent about it. But in a secular humanist mindset what is the purpose of educating the masses? I would like to know what is their motivation, because education as they've established in France does nothing to promote the ideals of democracy or of freedom, only a cold machine-like systematic atheism.