Saturday, July 25, 2009

Total Abandon by Gary Witherall

I've just finished reading Total Abandon: The Powerful True Story of Life Lived in Radical Devotion to God by Gary Witherall. In order for this review to ever get posted, I must keep it short. 

I met Gary a couple of weeks ago and really wanted to read his book (after my best-friend recommended it to me). It hasn't been published in French (yet) and so we may be interested in it.

The story:
Gary and Bonnie Witherall were living among the Lebanese, a war-torn people. Gary discribes how God led both their individual lives to meet one another, led them to Lebanon and finally led Bonnie to pay the ultimate price. While working in a clinic for Palestinian women, she is shot-dead by a gunman.

My review:
I recommend it. I have a few things that pleased me less, but all in all, this is a good book.

I love Jesus because he first loved me. And in the same way Jesus came out of his rightful place in heaven, to live among us, we are called to go to all nations to make Him known to all peoples. So I love mission-stories, because I grow comfortable too easily.
The book is well-written, pleasant (in style) and well put together. The Gospel is clearly there. Gary is portrayed in a very human manner. By that, I would mean that there are times when I'd like to ask him why he did this or that. But that has the advantage of clearly not being polished PR. Gary is the real thing. 
In closing I would say that such recent stories (the events take place in 2002) are good for the church, good for the believers and good for the Gospel. I'm sure much good has come of Bonnie's murder. The description of her funeral service in Sidon, Lebanon is very moving. But God continues to use Gary and Bonnie's death for great good, just read the book to find out.

You can buy it on Amazon

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Manga Metamorphosis in French!

If you've been wondering what kind of job I have, here's a little something. We're impatiently waiting for the shipment to arrive from Japan with the second volume to Manga Messiah. Here are the first few pages that I'm putting here as a test. We're working on a version with more pages that could be put on all websites.

Manga Metamorphosis in French!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Word From George Verwer

A matter of urgency 
Logos Hope :: Cork, Ireland
Founder George Verwer (USA) enjoying a day at sea after leaving London and the London Launch.OM Founder George Verwer (USA) sailed on board Logos Hope from London to Cork after the ship's successful visit to the UK's capital city. He shared the need to recognise our limitations: we can't do everything, but we should do what we know how to do best. He stated that OM's gifting is to mobilise the church to share the Gospel, and to help with seven global challenges: children at risk, abused women, extreme poverty, HIV /AIDS, people with impure water, protecting the unborn, and the environment. Stressing the urgency, he said, "We have to redeem time, to prioritise it, not waste it while the world is perishing without hope."

(Taken from the OM Ships Currents)

Crazy Love by Francis Chan for Free!

I just saw the info on the rebelution. Have you heard of the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan? Its been a big hit in the USA and it actually is a really good book. Francis Chan hits hard and lovingly. It's well written and short. I think it takes about 4 hours to read.

In any case, if you're looking for something good to listen to on your ipod, you can download Crazy Love Audiobook, read by the author. It's completely free on, I downloaded it today. Just click on Free Crazy Love Audio Book, create and account and type JUL2009 when asked if you have a coupon.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Few Break Days in Northern Ireland

A buddy of mine is getting married this weekend. I was able to get a great flight to Dublin, followed by the usual bus to Belfast. From there I'll make it to his wedding on Saturday. I also was informed that DA Carson will be in the area. I'll definitely try to drop by and hear him. Its kind of strange how that goes. The Internet, podcasts and live feeds don't really decrease my desire to listen to men of God preach. On the contrary…

If you think of me, please be praying that I can find some time to be quiet before God. I really need time with him. I don't really know where I'm headed and I'm concerned with my attitude towards him. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jérémie and the Logos Hope On the High Seas!

Jérémie is sailing to the Caribbean with the rest of the Logos Hope crew. He gives an update in this post: Caribbean Here We Come!

Before that he was able to come and surprise Mélanie by attending her baptism. You can go on the family blog for some really nice photos.

Walk in Their Shoes (With Open Doors)

Friday, July 10, 2009

It may look sophisticated, but its still idolatry

Millions watched MJ's funeral last week. I didn't, but would have certainly watched a bit if I'd thought of it. Tim Challies writes a good post on the topic. He compares Indian religion and the funeral. Thought provoking. His conclusion:

"Yesterday we saw idolatry of a whole different order yet idolatry that is so similar to what I saw in The Story of India. There are some who, in their idolatry, bow low before gods of wood and stone and burnished bronze. There are others who, in their idolatry, live vicariously through celebrities and who bow low before the spirit of the age. Michael Jackson’s funeral, where God’s name was invoked and where Jesus’ name was supposedly held high, was as vivid an expression of idolatry as was the footage of hordes of Indian Hindus dancing with joy and veneration before their statues. One is a base idolatry, the other is sophisticated and proper. Both are the same ancient sin, the same ancient rebellion against the one true God."

Read it all here