Monday, July 21, 2008

Do You Know How To Do Good?

"They are shrewd to do evil,
But to do good they do not know."
Jeremiah 4:22
I read several chapters of Jeremiah this morning. I read outside,
seated on the bench alongside the front of the house. As the morning
rays begin to give their heat, I read and pondered over several
wonderful passages. I thought I would share my thoughts on one,
because it is so relevant to us today.

We naturally do evil when left to ourselves. Nothing has changed,
the human race is not improving in the least in this area. In the
2500 years since Jeremiah wrote down God's words, the human race has
not changed a bit in it's heart. I would even say that we invent ways
of doing evil. We excel in the art of doing wrong and of rebelling
against God's loving commands. In the verse 22, God looks down upon
His children and observes as a loving father that His children "are
foolish." He then concludes with the quoted passage, a sad but ever
so true observation of mankind's attitude. In every way they devise
ways of doing what is hurtful to themselves and rebellious against God.
That is who I am. Apart from God I cannot do good. In fact, apart
from God there is no such thing as good. That is why God's final
phrase is so relevant, "they don't even know how to do good!" Here is
the thought that came to mind as I read the second phrase.
Christians, non-believers and Athiests tend to get all worked up when
reports come in of crimes against humanity perpetrated in a foreign
land. But in the same breath, we'll justify our actions, such as
sleeping with our girlfriend, as being an action that doesn't hurt
Who do we think we are and how can we know? God himself tells us that
we don't know how to do good!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Week Holiday In Switzerland

This afternoon we drove across the border into Switzerland. As usual,
there were no French border guards, but we were welcomed by the Swiss
to their European enclave. We'll be staying on a farm in a small
village for the next seven days. While the photo is our morning view,
there is much more to show and I'll reveal it at a later time. The
view have in the morning is out of this world.

I'm looking forward to the next few days of relaxation in the
sprawling majesty of God's creation. It is extraordinarily healthy to
be in the midst of nature. The only sound to be heard (apart from my
brothers, sisters and cousins) is the sound of cowbells. It is a
welcome sound, even at the early hours of the morning! I am resolved
to constantly focus on God during this time. I don't intend to spend
days in solitude, only a few hours will have to do. However, the
beauty of nature around me should serve as a constant reminder that
life isn't about me. Life is about God in all his splendor and glory.
Oh that I would experience this in the coming days!

-Early morning rising (is 7am early enough?).
-Bible reading and time of quiet prayer each morning(no Bible, no
-Journaling(I have several big decisions to make and journaling is a
crucial part of tracking the history of my thought process).
-Exercise(Ben, my 9 year old cousin is a push up buff. He'll keep me
-To glorify God through my helping out around the house (a mark of
true spirituality).

Friday, July 18, 2008

Where Will I Be Heading From Here?

As this blog is at its first day, it is unclear where we'll be
heading. As the title indicates, I have the deep conviction that all
things in the universe are made by God and that they are made
ultimately for God. Therefore, any conversation I entertain on any
topic imaginable has a God-perspective. I realize that in the English
speaking world there are wonderful Godly resources for knowing and
enjoying God, so I do not sense the need to contribute to that as I
am compelled to do so in French. However, I do want to put all things
in relationship to God and describe what God is teaching me in the
every day walk of life.

Let's enjoy the walk together on the path of life!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Filling Up At The Pump

I filled up a car with gas for the first time in three years. It was
crazy to realize how much money was guzzling in that bucket of rust.
I couldn't help but wonder why do people still own cars. They're
worst than children! Well maybe not, but they're sure not as fun!

A car low on gas informs the driver first by a little light on the
dashboard and later by simply refusing to move. Does my soul also
inform me that I'm low on God? I've found that it the opposite in
spiritual matters. The more I'm low on God, the less I realize it.
The more I read the Bible (by the way, I love the Bible, read it
every day), the more I'm hungry for more. There is not enough time in
a day for me to be filled with the Word. I'm a cracked vessel.

The Smell of Rain Quenched French Soil

I've been away from France for nearly three years. I was working
onboard a ship with 300 other people that love Jesus and know that he
truly walked this earth, dead for us and that the account given of
him in the Bible is true.

Yesterday, as I was leaving my Dad's shop (BLF Europe), nostalgia
rushed upon me. It had rained, leaving the most wonderful smell of
rich, black earth that has finally been satisfied with rain water.
I've been halfway around planet earth, travelling to some exotic and
tropical nations, but I'm convinced that no rain quench soil smells
as wonderfully as French earth. Thank you God for senses!