Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Brilliant Quote on Preaching

 I'm preaching at my church this week. I love this quote. I don't think my manuscript is even good enough to qualify as "pitiful":

“How utterly dependant we are on the Holy Spirit in the work of preaching! All genuine preaching is rooted in a feeling of desperation. You wake up on Sunday morning and you can smell the smoke of hell on one side and feel the crisp breezes of heaven on the other. You go to your study and look down at your pitiful manuscript, and you kneel down and cry, "O God, this is so weak! Who do I think I am? What audacity to think that in three hours my words will be the odor of death to death and the fragrance of life to life (2 Cor 2:16). My God, who is sufficient for these things?"

Friday, November 26, 2010

Apple is REALLY killing it

Just thought I would pass on the news. 36% of people planning on buying a laptop in the next 90 days, are planning on a mac.
Is Apple ever going to stop? I must admit, I wish Apple wasn't so popular. I liked the good old day, when owning an iBook was cool. Now it's just "normal".