Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Week Holiday In Switzerland

This afternoon we drove across the border into Switzerland. As usual,
there were no French border guards, but we were welcomed by the Swiss
to their European enclave. We'll be staying on a farm in a small
village for the next seven days. While the photo is our morning view,
there is much more to show and I'll reveal it at a later time. The
view have in the morning is out of this world.

I'm looking forward to the next few days of relaxation in the
sprawling majesty of God's creation. It is extraordinarily healthy to
be in the midst of nature. The only sound to be heard (apart from my
brothers, sisters and cousins) is the sound of cowbells. It is a
welcome sound, even at the early hours of the morning! I am resolved
to constantly focus on God during this time. I don't intend to spend
days in solitude, only a few hours will have to do. However, the
beauty of nature around me should serve as a constant reminder that
life isn't about me. Life is about God in all his splendor and glory.
Oh that I would experience this in the coming days!

-Early morning rising (is 7am early enough?).
-Bible reading and time of quiet prayer each morning(no Bible, no
-Journaling(I have several big decisions to make and journaling is a
crucial part of tracking the history of my thought process).
-Exercise(Ben, my 9 year old cousin is a push up buff. He'll keep me
-To glorify God through my helping out around the house (a mark of
true spirituality).

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