Friday, July 10, 2009

It may look sophisticated, but its still idolatry

Millions watched MJ's funeral last week. I didn't, but would have certainly watched a bit if I'd thought of it. Tim Challies writes a good post on the topic. He compares Indian religion and the funeral. Thought provoking. His conclusion:

"Yesterday we saw idolatry of a whole different order yet idolatry that is so similar to what I saw in The Story of India. There are some who, in their idolatry, bow low before gods of wood and stone and burnished bronze. There are others who, in their idolatry, live vicariously through celebrities and who bow low before the spirit of the age. Michael Jackson’s funeral, where God’s name was invoked and where Jesus’ name was supposedly held high, was as vivid an expression of idolatry as was the footage of hordes of Indian Hindus dancing with joy and veneration before their statues. One is a base idolatry, the other is sophisticated and proper. Both are the same ancient sin, the same ancient rebellion against the one true God."

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Hans and Shinta said...

Ha! I agree! I watched it (though dozed off for a bit..haha), and thought how crazy it was. Don't get me wrong, I dont have anything against having memorials for celebrities, but the way people were talking about him was just ARCGH! One particulartly disturbing part was when a Baptist pastor spoke, and made me feel like he was putting MJ high up there with God!

Stéphane K said...

Yeah, just when I could be doubting the spiritual side of mankind, MJ dies. Ha! All of a sudden the whole world goes crazy with worship.

No more worries here. Man was made to worship. We worship and man-made things, and above all the image we see in the mirror.