Friday, September 25, 2009

Are Demons For Real? Is Satan A Real Person?

We discussed this among other things in our Bible study last night. That same evening, I came home and instead of sleeping, I turned on a Mars Hill Church sermon and listened to over an hour of preaching.

I thought I would post the sermon here. I would love feedback. Mark Driscoll talks about some crazy stuff. So if this sermon gives you a bad impression, first go and listen to Christ Died In Our Place, it's a great sermon. Then come back and listen to Christ Died To Crush Our Enemies. It's perplexing and edgy. God is so real, but so is Satan and so are demons. As a post-it on my computer says, "There's a war for your soul: FIGHT!"


Mark said...

Hi a really great book to read on the subject of atonemnet is Four Views : The Nature of the Atonement published by IVP Academic. Its a great read, four different views present thier case and then they get to respond to each other. It's left up to the reader to evaluate each argument in light of the Scriptures. Althought i don't agree with every point the Christus Victor advocate made in the book there is much truth and encouragment in this view, as the Moravian seal goes "Our Lamb has conquered let us follow Him" Amen

Stéphane K said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the book recommendation. Maybe I'll read it one day. For now, I have more books than I'll be able to read before I die. On top of that life goes on… :-)

Love the Moravians.

Don't know what the Christus Victor theology teaches. Anything that says Jesus is victorious over all, King of kings, Lord of lords, Son of God is cool in my books. If you have time, drop a note that summarizes the theology.

Did you listen to the sermon? How would you summarize the Christ Died To Crush Enemies sermon?

At present reading a dozen books, including Total Church. Scarily radical. I don't know what to do with what I read. It smells like the gospel thought… Wow!