Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Netherlands, Here We Come!

The Logos Hope has left Sweden headed for the Netherlands. Jérémie has news of the time in Sweden as well as details of the voyage to Harlingen. I've got to get him to start putting up photos! For your information, Harlingen will be Port #2 in the Logos Hope history of ports. THAT is pretty cool. I wish I could join them!
Pray that the crew will rapidly gain an understanding of how things work. Jérémie did mention that everything is new for everyone, so it can be interesting at times... Pray also that each young crewmember will be focused on glorifying God in all that they do.
For those among you that had watched the departure video and wondered how Ruben did it, you can check out their blog. Oops, its in French... Well the photo is clear enough! :)

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