Thursday, October 23, 2008

Praise God for Ryan Air!

Ryan Air is this low cost airline that has revolutionized they way we live, travel, date and fall in love. A friend of my mine, upon hearing that I was considering a long-distance relationship, had only one question for my attention, "Ryan Air! Does Ryan Air fly there?"
One of my best friends is flying in today from Dublin. It will be good to see him again for the weekend. We first met onboard the Doulos where we were on the same work team for 6 months. With a few other guys we began meeting together on a near daily basis to start of the day with prayer, encouragement and Bible reading.
He left the ship about two years before I did, but he's done a good job calling up every holiday to talk about life. Each time, we've reconnected nearly instantly. I'm grateful to God for the gift of friendship. May it continue this time around.
For those of you reading this that feel you don't have that kind of friendship, pray and ask God, who loves to care for His children. Then live a life as transparent as possible, allowing people to see your strengths, weaknesses and failings. That is good soil for friendships to take root.

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