Monday, October 6, 2008

Translation Anyone?

I'm finding life in France quite busy. For those who've been trying to keep tabs on what I'm doing, you've certainly realized that blogging is not the solution for me.

One big problem is that I can't be bothered to keep both my English and French blogs updated. And since my French skills have decreased considerably during my three year stint with Doulos, I've been trying to write a lot in French. So for you out there that would like to know what is going on here in northern France, I suggest you check out my French blog. I've just set up a little translation gadget that allows you to understand what I'm talking about without any of the beauty of the language. Isn't that a bargain? :-)

This doesn't mean the English version of my blog is dead. It is certainly on hold until I get my life under control here in Old Europe. I miss the settled life of Doulos!

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