Friday, October 24, 2008

What Am I Doing You Ask? Ask No More!

Upon arrival in France (July 15th), I was convinced I would be in the USA by January 2009 to study in a Bible School. Funny how things can change so quickly. I still love the Bible. I cannot believe that I've not taken the time earlier to know this book God gave.
But as I began to enquire about applying to Wheaton College, I was informed that I would not be able to apply for a January semester as I didn't have any transfer credits. I would have to wait until the August semester. Moody Bible Institute had already accepted me, but I hadn't paid my earnest money, so couldn't just show up. They also require transfer credits to join in January.
So I decided to take a two year diploma here in France. The course is well appreciated by companies and is pretty much just what I've been doing on Line Up with the Doulos... So yup, the studies are pretty easy so far. They take six months to teach what OM does in 2 weeks! :-)
So it is no surprise that I was relieved to be able to take the class while being interned with a company. I applied with BLF Europe (I know I know, my dad works there too), a small French Christian publishing company. I'm back in the book world and am loving it!

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