Thursday, December 11, 2008

All means are good to save some, that includes Manga-Messiah

Most of my French friends have grown accustomed if not annoyed with my enthusiasm for Manga - Messiah. Manga - Le Messie, is the french name of gospel in manga comics that BLF Europe has just completed. A japanese team of Christians are drawing the entire Bible in manga style. We simply did the French translation and some of the cover graphics. It is a tremendous gospel tool.
We must give credit to God for all of this. The project just fell in our lap and we took it up and went with up. We didn't have finances for the first print, but that was provided and Manga - Le Messie has been on the shelves since November 15th. In those short weeks, more than 3,000 copies have been sold and its only the beginning. I've been praying nearly everyday for all those that will be reading the book in the coming weeks. I have rarely seen such beautiful drawings and it presents the gospel with gorgeous simplicity. May God reveal Himself to many this Christmas!

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