Friday, December 12, 2008

An Example of a Day's Work in the Publishing World

I love my job. I've been meaning to post these photos weeks ago, but am only doing so now. In November, the small evangelical population of France gathers together for three days of conferences and fellowship. We each set up tables where we present our work (in my case, BLF Europe's book publishing) and have a great time connecting and reconnecting.
It was very exciting for me as I hadn't ever been involved in a professional way. On top of which we had a killer product, Manga Messiah in French! So talk talk talk all day for three days. At the end the whole team was haggard, but so happy with the turnout.
Sorry for the very selfish photos. Yes there are others presenting their work, but really, have you ever seen anything as beautiful as BLF Europe? OK, you're right, Messiah beats it by far... Oh wait! We have that too!

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