Friday, January 2, 2009

2009: Another Year In France With Much Joy and Struggles

Happy New Year to all! 

I write with temperatures below freezing outside and seemingly inside. I think of 2009 and much of me does not feel any reason to rejoice or be saddened. Semantics are the only thing that have really changed. None of us, except perhaps my little sister who feels a year older, see any difference whether it is '08 or '09.
If we look at the prospects for the year, the economists (and the whole world) are pretty depressed. Yet there is no less to rejoice in today than there was yesterday. Jesus died and rose again. He lives and grace will continue to lead us on until his return.

As we make our resolutions for this new year, let us make sure they do all in our ability to give Jesus the centerpiece of our life. Let us make him look great!

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