Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year in the Bible! Let's Start Reading!

I won't comment on the year gone by. I haven't been writing simply because I've had better things to do. My habit has been to read through the Bible every year and every time several facts hit me in the face:

-My lack of discipline. I start so strong and finish having to read huge portions because I was unable to be regular and read EVERY day.
-My incoherence. I say the Bible is marvelous, what I read in it is marvelous and yet I struggle to read every day!
-God's greatness. That the very words of God could be put in a book so that I could know Him is simply unbelievable.
-God's plan of salvation for His children is clear throughout all the Bible.
-That the 66 books that make up the Bible have only one author. There is so much similarity despite the 2000 years that separate the first book and the last book, yet they are coherent with themselves and compliment each other in a way that must be divine.

I have many other facts about myself and about God that I observe every time I open the Bible, but it would form a very long list. My purpose was not to make a list, but to encourage each and everyone of us to pick up a Bible reading schedule/plan and resolve to read through the Bible again this year in a regular and ravenous manner. If you don't have a reading plan, there are hundreds on the web. Also you can click here and email me . Give me your address and your name and I'll send you the reading plan I'll be using this year.

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