Friday, March 20, 2009

Can We Pray for Crazy Things?

Duh! Of course! If we ask God to do things that are just beyond our grasp, he gets ALL the glory for the answered prayer. We don't have to second-guess him and think, "well maybe it would have happened anyways." Like I do when I'm looking for parking or my wallet.
So please pray for the mayor of the town of our church. He and his wife have a good relationship with a couple from the church. This couple therefore invited the mayor to come for dinner at their house and he's accepted the invitation. I just catch myself imagining God working that man's heart and bringing him to know Jesus. Our relationship with the town hall has always been very friendly (unlike many churches in France), but imagine what a witness this man would be!
So join me in asking God to soften the mayors heart, to open his eyes and give him a desire for life and to know Jesus.

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