Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks for Praying for the TV Interview

I hope you guys didn't blink. I left Maubeuge on the 6:45am train and arrived at Belfort 7 hours later (2pm). The TV team was very warm and welcoming. It was good fun. I hope you didn't blink when you were praying, because the interview felt very short. 15 minutes went by in a flash. I didn't get to say everything I'd hoped to say. I didn't mention very clearly the needs of the Logos Hope, nor did the journalist ask a question about OM in general (and I didn't get to tell him).

I don't think I was too camera shy (thanks for praying). But the stress did definitely muddle my mind as I tried to answer the questions! It will be at least a month before the interview is released. I'll keep you informed as soon as I know more. It will appear on TBN Europe at least twice with English subtitles. I'll make sure to tell you what time. The version without subtitles will be on the TV channel's website, but in either case, you'll have to wait at least a month.

If you have any other questions, just post a comment and let everyone profit from the answer.

May God be made to look great (as he truly is) in our lives.
PS: Sorry for not having any photos. I brought my camera and forgot to have someone take photos.

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