Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Can't Church Be More Like A Football (Soccer) Game?

Every match, the stadium is packed. All decked out in their fan-gear, the crowd cheers as the home team walks on to the field. They stand up and scream with delight when their team scores. When the referee makes a stupid call, everyone boos and curses at him. I don't know what you thought last time you watched a game, but Wednesday, I thought of church.
What if Church stirred as much emotion as a sporting event? All the Christians yelling their praise to God, totally in sync with the others around them. They dance and they shout, they sing songs (British supporters are the best for this) and they are totally in tune to what is happening on the pitch.
I look forward to the day, when I will be able to worship God in his presence like supporters worship in a football game. Only, it's going to be WAY better!

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