Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flyering in Recquignies, Again...

With the world in such a state of panic, you'd expect people to start behaving differently. In many ways, I think God will bring many people to ask themselves existential questions. Even in a stone-hard country like France, I'm praying that He will save my people.
Yesterday, we did our monthly flyering route. There are 950 mailboxes in my town and each month we distribute a small full color tract. Each month the topic changes, but the aim is always the same: to lead people to Jesus.
This time, we started early and it being Saturday (and sunny), many people were already out and about. That is probably why we faced some real opposition. No stoning or jail, but people tearing up the tract or telling us they don't want it anymore. Supposing that the person who said this was a staunch atheist, I asked her if she didn't believe in God. She answered with the ever-so typical, "it's a private matter!" I wonder who taught her that?

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